About Boudica

We at Boudica celebrate the best up and coming women and non-binary talent both onstage and offstage.

Like Boudica the warrior queen (who is thought to have stood her final battle against the Romans just north of Coventry) we stand firmly on the frontline in the fight against inequality in the music industry. It's our mission,through our events/festivals, to give a platform to and celebrate the wealth and diversity of women and non-binary talent in the music industry both on the stage and behind the scenes.
We are proud to continue our collaboration with Godiva Festival where we have brought the likes of Nova Twins, Big Joanie, Dream Wife and Dream Nails to Coventry’s biggest festival. We also have our annual International Women’s Day events where we shine a spotlight on the amazing local acts we have in the West Midlands such as Shanghai Hostage, Paradise of Titans, Lucifer Sky and Nyotaa.

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Why Boudica?

Women and non binary artists have always been underrepresented in all aspects of the music industry. Low woman and non-binary representation is an industry wide problem, with a growing awareness seeing many festivals being called out for their male dominated lineups. The response from some festival organisers has been that there are not enough diverse musicians out there to book. Boudica Festival however seeks to change this opinion by showcasing women and non-binary musicians from across a wide spectrum of musical genres.

Our long term aim, as well as having a stellar women and non binary line-up, is to form a woman and non-binary events crew, using the expertise of women and non-binary sound engineers, lighting technicians and stage managers. As well as providing a platform, we want to highlight the opportunities available within the music industry other than performing.

“only 13.9% of individual (Grammy) nominees were women, with one non-binary nominee.”University of Southern California Annenberg Inclusion Initiative report (2022)

UK Music Diversity Report 2022



– – Women Make Music – PRS Foundation 

Past Battle Cries

Since 2017 we have been doing everything from festivals, music video competitions, Special events, film screenings and more. 

Boudica 2017 

Boudica Festival 2018

Boudica Festival 2019 

Boudica Music Video Competition 

Boudica Presents

International Women’s Day

From the Boudica Organisers:

“As women who have worked in the music and events industries for numerous years, this is a subject that’s very close to our hearts. It is great to see that positive steps are being taken to bring equality to the music industry, however we don’t think this is happening fast enough which is why we want to challenge the festival industry by running a specially curated music festival that showcases the best up and coming women and non-binary artists across a wide range of genres.

We hope that our events provide people, whatever their identity, a place to discover new music, try something new at one of our workshops and ultimately inspire individuals to kick-start a career in the music industry!”

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