Boudica x Cov Sauce takeover

We are delighted to announce our Boudiva takeover party at the next Cov Sauce on Saturday the 14th October 2023!

We look forward to teaming up with Cov Sauce who have been putting on dj nights at commonground since January 2023 as they look to make dj nights more diverse and inclusive, welcoming new and upcoming djs. It has also been part of their ethos from the start to aim for 50/50 gender balanced nights.

Boudica co-founder Sarah S aka DJ Alien She (also part of the Cov Sauce team) has teamed up with Boudica ally and long term pal Sarah C aka DJ Lani Kayah (and bassist in Boudica alumni Septic and the Tanks) to train up more gal DJs and at the takeover event we are showcasing 3 new DJs Hibiscus K, Ahooythere and Francophonix, alongside DJ Tammo who we taught earlier in the year and debuted her first set at Cov Sauce in June! This is the launch night of what we hope to be a series of Boudica takeovers where we train up and showcase gals and non-binary DJs, and inspire more gals to get on the decks!

As usual with Cov Sauce the event will be free but suggested donations of £5 are welcomed to help keep the nights running.

Find out more at: Cov Sauce x Boudica Takeover Party | Facebook

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