Boudica Festival Music Video Competition 2020

Boudica Festival's Music Video Competition returns for its second year.

The Boudica Music Video Competition is where we invite filmmakers/musicians to submit music videos that they have worked on which celebrates womxn and non-binary musicians. Dedicated to bridging the gender gap in male dominated industries, Boudica Festival wishes to celebrate womxn and non binary in front and behind the camera so entries with a womxn or non binary director/crew member will be preferable.

The music video's have been shortlisted by a panel of online judges, with the finalists being decided online by YOU! Just click on the poll below to vote for your favorite. The winner will win a prize of £100

Due to the coronavirus we are uncertain of when the live screening of the finalists and winner will be but we hope for them to be screened at Boudica Presents event in 2020 so please note the screening date is provisional and likely to change.

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